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Your 6-step guide to high-impact video

First off, if you're NOT sold on video, look around you. Your competitors are getting on the trend and you can't afford to get left behind. Or do you think anyone's reading your blog and white papers? People are giving up on reading, leaving VIDEO the only way to establish your thought leadership, build trust, and engage your audience.

Now if you're sold on video, what's next? These 5 steps will take away the guesswork to get you the most bang for your buck (because we all hate it when our precious marketing dollars end up going to waste!):

Step 1: repurpose successful content You don't need to reinvent the wheel with video. Find content that strikes a chord with your audience and you'll be successful.

Rank your blog posts Find blog posts that generated the most traffic and/or comments from your audience. These are your top trending topics.

Get ideas from your competitors: If you don't have a blog, use tools like BuzzSumo and KWFinder to identify the best content for your keywords. What are your competitors posting and promoting? They've already done the heavy-lifting for you! You can put your spin on these topics by adding your own insights, research and links to highlight your expertise.

Step 2: Edit your script for video: Read your content aloud to improve the way it flows in spoken words and edit accordingly. If you get stuck or stumble anywhere while reading, change the sentence so it flows better. Sometimes written words don't work quite as well in video.

Be educational: A 3-to-5 minute educational video is a great evergreen piece of content that you can use as a lead magnet on your home page or landing page. Your visitors will value video content greatly, especially if it has a hook embedded in it.

Use engaging topics: How-to, top 10, and myth-busting videos tend to work really well.

Step 3: record your video: Whether you use your own computer's camera and software like TechSmith's Camtasia or our full-service video production studio, make sure you look relaxed and confident. Read your script a few times before you start recording… Call us or consult our guide to creating high-quality authentic video content for tips on making an impactful video.

Production support: We'll invite you to one of our permanent studio offices or do a "double-ender." If you're not close to a studio, we'll guide you on the phone and ask questions to make the video more conversational. Afterwards, we'll polish, color-correct and edit the raw footage.

Professional actors: If you don't want to be on camera, one of our actors can be your brand's video ambassador. Our highly personable and experienced actors can deliver your content very authentically, using a teleprompter and professional setup to read your script.

Step 4: reach your audience: This is perhaps the most important part, where most people miss a trick. To promote your video as effectively as possible, you need to get in front of the right audience.

LinkedIn: If you're B2B, LinkedIn is a great platform. You can send an InMail inviting someone to watch your video. You'll be paying for reach (pay per send instead of engagement), so make your recipients feel special by making your message authentic and personal instead of spammy.

Social Media: If you're B2C (or in many cases even if you're B2B), try Facebook and YouTube ads. We're hearing from some experts that Instagram is becoming another great place to build an audience cost-effectively too.

Step 5: Capture emails: After your viewers have watched 1 or 2 minutes of your video and understand your value proposition, prompt for their email address in order to continue watching the video. This tends to work well and can be done easily by hosting your video on Vimeo with a business account or Wistia.

Landing page: Your video can direct traffic to a landing page with an offer.

Gate your video: You can "gate" your video using an embedded pop-up inside the video that asks for an email address.

Step 6: Nurture leads: Once you have your list of emails from people who have watched your video, it's time to nurture a trusted business relationship with them.

Boost engagement: You should typically send them a series of 5-8 emails using a software tool like Mailshake or Mailchimp. The content can be some of your best blogs, ideally turned into videos in order to continue with high engagement (research on the impact of video in email campaigns shows 50-300% more engagement).

Manage frequency: Some experts recommend using the Fibonacci sequence for the frequency of your emails, meaning that you send 1 the next day, 1 the following day, then wait for 2 days before another email goes out, then 3 days, and then 5 days etc.

So there you have a step by step process to create AND promote high-impact video content: blog -> webinar -> record -> promote -> capture -> nurture. And this is a process that you'll probably want to repeat on a regular (e.g., monthly) basis in order to keep growing your audience and promoting new services or the same service with a different angle.

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