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Created in 2001, The Green Sheet Advisory Board is comprised of industry leaders from across the country. They head some of the payments industry's most successful enterprises from individual sales offices to large processing concerns, consultancies and equipment providers. All are innovators who give generously of their time to inspire high industry standards and further our individual and collective prosperity. They are an invaluable source of advice and insight in our mission to educate and serve ISOs and merchant level salespeople. We are proud to have them on our Advisory Board.

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Ben Abel

Ben Abel, Bank Associates Merchant Services

Regional Director



Ben Abel is Regional Director at Bank Associates Merchant Services. Since joining the team in 2006, he has risen through company ranks with a paradigm that his success was measured by the success of those around him. Ben is a dedicated, pioneering trainer whose methods of merchant services consultation have helped many agents expand their portfolios in terms of processing volume, deal count and profitability. He can be contacted at 347-866-9571 or ben@bams.com.

Articles written by Ben Abel


John Arato

John Arato, MagTek Inc.

Vice President, Business Unit Manager, Retail Products


John Arato joined MagTek Inc. in 2003 and has 20 years' experience in the payments industry. Previously, Arato spent 10 years in senior sales management positions at Hypercom Corp. He also served as a Director of Sales for American Express Co. where he helped launch the first POS terminal data capture product, The Express 3000. It was installed at over 35,000 merchant locations in the United States.


Adam Atlas

Adam Atlas, Attorney at Law


Adam Atlas is an attorney with extensive payments industry expertise. A member of the Bars of New York state and Quebec, Canada, he assists agents, ISOs and processors throughout the United States. Atlas advises clients on agent and ISO agreements, buyouts, financing, portfolio transfers, breaches of agreements, and business strategies. His clients are primarily in merchant acquiring and other payment processing businesses.

To see an introductory video about Atlas' business, click here: Welcome video.

Articles written by Adam Atlas

From Issue 19:11:01 - Legal strategies of successful ISOs

From Issue 19:09:02 - Who's really who in the payment processing biz?

From Issue 19:08:02 - Fraud stories: Bottom of the legal barrel

From Issue 19:07:02 - ISO succession planning

From Issue 19:06:02 - Navigating ISO agreement termination

From Issue 19:05:01 - Payments law for autonomous devices

From Issue 19:04:01 - Issuing: the new acquiring

From Issue 19:02:02 - $6 billion Visa Mastercard settlement update

From Issue 19:01:02 - 2019: Back to payments basics

From Issue 18:12:02 - Data breach allocation of liability

From Issue 18:10:02 - Law, payments and national security

From Issue 18:09:02 - California goes European with the California Consumer Privacy Act

From Issue 18:06:01 - Legal ease: ISO contract management in the digital age

From Issue 18:04:01 - Mixing family and an ISO business

From Issue 18:01:02 - Moving merchants: Great support or biting the hand that feeds?

From Issue 17:11:02 - ISO risk from third-party providers

From Issue 17:09:02 - ISO technology contracting

From Issue 17:07:01 - Cyber-security for ISOs: The crossroads of law and security

From Issue 17:06:01 - Is bitcoin the end of payments as we know them?

From Issue 17:03:02 - A legal take on the rise of legitimate aggregation

From Issue 17:02:02 - Secrets: A contemporary legal take

From Issue 17:01:02 - ISO portfolio seller's checklist

From Issue 16:11:02 - Gateways rising

From Issue 16:10:01 - Not too big to fail: Processor bankruptcy

From Issue 16:09:01 - Payfac: Fad or new norm?

From Issue 16:07:02 - Contract management in the paperless age

From Issue 16:06:02 - Consolidation in acquiring

From Issue 16:05:02 - Best processor moves

From Issue 16:04:02 - Getting legal with millennials in payments

From Issue 16:03:02 - What to do when a processor stops paying

From Issue 16:02:02 - Understand and honor confidentiality

From Issue 16:01:02 - Termination: The end or a new beginning?

From Issue 15:12:01 - Best get it in writing

From Issue 15:11:01 - Industry tradeshows and the law

From Issue 15:09:02 - Legal ease: When is an ISO an MSB?

From Issue 15:08:02 - Legal ease: Choosing a lawyer for your payment business

From Issue 15:06:02 - Legal ease: ISO and Payfac reserves: A legal perspective

From Issue 15:05:02 - ISO legal blunders

From Issue 15:04:01 - Oral promises and ISO contracts

From Issue 15:03:01 - ISO third-party integrations and data sharing

From Issue 15:01:02 - ISO goes to court: What to expect

From Issue 14:12:02 - The ISO calendar: Don't set and forget your ISO agreement

From Issue 14:11:02 - Don't get gouged by pass-through, pass-through, pass-through

From Issue 14:10:02 - Cascading, overlapping contracts for ISOs, agents, sub-agents and downlines

From Issue 14:05:02 - Becoming a money transmitter

From Issue 14:04:02 - App licensing for ISOs

From Issue 14:02:01 - The MFA: What payment pros must know in 2014

From Issue 14:01:01 - ISOs going paperless – a legal perspective

From Issue 13:12:01 - Virtual currencies and the law – a primer for ISOs

From Issue 13:08:01 - Legal issues for the SEO-minded ISOs, MLSs

From Issue 13:06:01 - Online sales tax: Gain new income from the MFA

From Issue 13:04:01 - Scenarios to avoid in portfolio sales

From Issue 13:03:01 - Should ISOs have an AML policy?

From Issue 13:02:01 - Confidentiality: A refresher on ISO, MLS obligations

From Issue 12:12:02 - Subtle but crucial factors in portfolio sales

From Issue 12:11:01 - Coping with PCI noncompliance fees

From Issue 12:10:01 - Legal disputes: Head them off at the pass

From Issue 12:08:01 - MFA: The acquirer's role in taxing online sales

From Issue 12:06:01 - The shifting ground of pricing

From Issue 12:05:01 - Don't let your processor do this to you

From Issue 12:03:02 - Pricing surprises: Don't let processors eat your lunch

From Issue 12:02:02 - Legal strategies for an evolving marketplace

From Issue 11:11:01 - When big money meets small ISOs

From Issue 11:09:02 - ISOs and social media: Staying in compliance

From Issue 11:08:01 - ISO and MLS dispute settlement

From Issue 11:07:01 - What is my portfolio worth anyway?

From Issue 11:04:02 - Memorable ISO legal catastrophes

From Issue 11:03:02 - IRS filing fees: Revenue and contractual shakeup

From Issue 11:01:02 - ISO legal setup steps

From Issue 10:12:02 - Paperless merchant acquiring: A legal perspective

From Issue 10:11:01 - Making hay of new IRS reporting requirements

From Issue 10:10:01 - Partnering in an ISO business

From Issue 10:09:01 - Assignment provisions in ISO and agent agreements

From Issue 10:08:01 - Agent or employee: Which are you?

From Issue 10:05:02 - Residual protection at 'portability moments'

From Issue 10:04:02 - Contractual pricing pitfalls

From Issue 10:02:02 - Claws in merchant contracts

From Issue 10:01:02 - One company per ISO deal

From Issue 09:11:01 - Legal aspects of high-risk processing

From Issue 09:10:01 - Reserve accounts and processor meltdowns

From Issue 09:09:01 - Negotiating agreements in the Great Recession

From Issue 09:08:01 - Seven reasons to avoid exclusivity

From Issue 09:06:02 - Fallout from the Great Recession

From Issue 09:05:02 - Pitfalls to avoid in acquiring relationships

From Issue 09:04:02 - Payments and social networking:
A legal perspective

From Issue 09:03:02 - Steer clear of buyout pitfalls

From Issue 09:02:02 - Keep an eye on the store

From Issue 09:01:02 - Bankrupt banks and credit card acquiring

From Issue 08:12:02 - The law of fine print

From Issue 08:11:02 - A clean exit

From Issue 08:09:01 - Be calendar-wise

From Issue 08:08:01 - Becoming registered

From Issue 08:07:02 - Canadian payments revolution - eh!

From Issue 08:07:01 - Exit portfolio, many offramps

From Issue 08:06:01 - Shop before you sign

From Issue 08:05:01 - Merchant security is your business

From Issue 08:03:02 - State security laws loom

From Issue 08:02:02 - Portfolio sale pitfalls

From Issue 08:01:02 - Merchant services hierarchy

From Issue 07:12:02 - MLS or ISO: Which one are you?

From Issue 07:11:02 - Liability limbo: Where will you land?

From Issue 07:10:02 - The next ISO widow could be yours

From Issue 07:09:02 - Time's up for one cash advance patent

From Issue 07:08:02 - Primo processor practices

From Issue 07:07:02 - The all-time dirtiest processor tricks

From Issue 07:06:02 - The lowdown on locked documents

From Issue 07:05:02 - What if my ISO tanks?

From Issue 07:04:02 - The ABCs of portfolio sales


Clinton Baller

Clinton Baller, PayNet Merchant Services Inc.



John H. Beebe

John H. Beebe, Celestial Payments and SBA Lending Group




John H. Beebe, is a founding member of The Green Sheet Advisory Board and early contributor to the publication. He is currently President and CEO of Celestial Payments and SBA Lending Group. In addition, he holds a Crisis Management position as a U.S. Coast Guard Liaison Officer to the Emergency Operations Center. Previously, John founded Global eTelecom (GETI) where, as Chairman and CEO, he led the company from a single person startup to an enterprise processing over $1 billion annually for more than 38,000 merchants.


Matt Bruno

Matt Bruno, Payment Logistics Limited

Vice President of Sales


Matt Bruno is the Vice President of Sales for San Diego-based Payment Logistics, an ISO that has focused on electronic payment technology since 2008. Matt specializes in creating new and expanding existing partnerships with independent agents, VAR partners and POS developers. He graduated from the State University of New York at Albany and currently resides in San Diego, Calif.


Mark  Cerminaro

Mark Cerminaro, RapidAdvance

Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Mark Cerminaro is the Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for RapidAdvance, a nationwide provider of working capital to small and midsize businesses. Mark's primary responsibilities entail managing RapidAdvance's Sales, Marketing and Business Development departments as well as identifying and executing on opportunities in the marketplace for strategic growth.

Mark has been instrumental in product development and strategic initiatives, as well as positioning RapidAdvance as a leader in the alternative financing industry. He has over 12 years' experience in the finance and financial sales industries. Prior to joining RapidAdvance, Mark was a Financial Advisor and Associate Branch Manager for Morgan Stanley.

Mark holds a B.A. from Georgetown University. He can be reached via email at mcerminaro@rapidadvance.com


Steve Christianson

Steve Christianson, All Card Processing Inc.

President and CEO


A Co-Founder of Aamonte Inc., Steven Christianson has more than 18 years' payments industry experience. Career highlights include establishing several registered ISOs, overseeing customer service for thousands of merchant accounts and being top salesman for processor Bancard Inc. He is a founding member of the Western States Acquirers' Association and is Treasurer of its board. Also active in the Electronic Transactions Association, he recently served on its ethics committee.


Lane Conner

Lane Conner, Fuzse

Founder and CEO



Lane Conner is the Founder and CEO of Fuzse, a fintech organization which specializes in working with mobile app, custom software, and web development firms to bring more advanced solutions for easier e-commerce. The company’s technology empowers developers to create, enhance, and transform basic commerce solutions into true long-term revenue drivers for their platforms through world class gateway solutions. Conner founded Fuzse after several successful acquisitions and exits in the payment industry. Prior to Fuzse, Lane was the founding employee and Vice President of Blue Star Payment Solutions, a Jerry Jones owned entity and sister company to the Dallas Cowboys. Blue Star was acquired through private equity from Providence Equity Partners in 2015. Prior to Blue Star, Lane was an executive at First American Payment Systems and Century Payments which sold to Bain Capital and WorldPay in 2013.

Lane is a leader in the electronic payments industry, sitting on the Greensheet Advisory Board, serving on the WSAA Board of Directors, and the Vice Chair of the Member Engagement Committee for the Electronic Transaction Association. He is also very engaged in giving back in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Lane is a Board Member of the SMU Mustang Club, a Board Member of Dallas based non-profit Bold Idea, a Mentor at startup incubator Tech Wildcatters, a Mentor at the SMU Emerging Leaders Program, a Mentor at the Cube – SMU, and is a Council Member and Member Engagement Committee Chair of The Mayors Star Council in Dallas.


Mark Dunn

Mark Dunn, Field Guide Enterprises LLC



Articles written by Mark Dunn

From Issue 09:09:02 - Need cash for your business?



Steve Eazell, Payvida Solutions Inc.

Senior Vice President-Partner Sales




Brandes Elitch, Cross Check Inc.

Director of Partner Acquisition



Brandes Elitch, Director of Partner Acquisition for CrossCheck Inc., has been a cash management practitioner for several Fortune 500 companies, sold cash management services for major banks and served as a consultant to bankcard acquirers. A Certified Cash Manager and Accredited ACH Professional, Brandes has a Master's in Business Administration from New York University and a Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University. He can be reached at brandese@cross-check.com.

Articles written by Brandes Elitch

From Issue 19:11:01 - Insights aplenty at 2019 JAC

From Issue 19:10:02 - The evolution of electronic payments - Part 2

From Issue 19:10:01 - The evolution of electronic payments - Part 1

From Issue 19:09:01 - What drives disruption and innovation in payments?

From Issue 19:08:01 - A 'climate change' in payments

From Issue 19:07:01 - The 2019 CNP Expo

From Issue 19:06:01 - The ETA's Transact: a must for serious payment professionals

From Issue 19:05:01 - The truth about real-time payments

From Issue 19:04:01 - The future of payments: An interview with Chris Skinner

From Issue 19:03:01 - The payments landscape 2019: What's real, what's not

From Issue 19:01:02 - The 2018 Payments Innovations Summit

From Issue 18:12:02 - Jack Henry-ProfitStars 2018 conference: Learning from community banks

From Issue 18:11:02 - Money 20/20 - You say you want a revolution?

From Issue 18:10:02 - Innovation in winemaking and financial services

From Issue 18:09:02 - Margins matter in winemaking and acquiring

From Issue 18:08:02 - ISMG's 2018 Global Summit Series: Fraud and breach prevention

From Issue 18:06:02 - How fully do you understand the fintech and payments industry?

From Issue 18:05:02 - Sorting reality from hype in payments' new era

From Issue 18:04:02 - Keeping up with the card brands - EMV and beyond

From Issue 18:03:02 - Change means opportunity for those willing to learn

From Issue 18:02:02 - Beer, banking and blockchain

From Issue 18:01:02 - 2018 crystal ball: Let's have a toast

From Issue 17:12:02 - Insights from the 2017 Jack Henry Annual Conference

From Issue 17:11:01 - A taste of Money20/20 - 2017

From Issue 17:10:01 - The death of interchange

From Issue 17:08:01 - Spotting counterfeits in wine and payments

From Issue 17:07:01 - Trends to note in a time of rapid change

From Issue 17:05:02 - Developments in banking that affect ISOs

From Issue 17:04:02 - The sobering state of cybercrime today

From Issue 17:03:02 - Thoughts on the future of payments (and the wine biz)

From Issue 17:02:01 - Interview with industry pioneer Bill Melton

From Issue 17:01:01 - 2017 – A look back, a look forward

From Issue 16:12:01 - What is Money20/20 Part Two

From Issue 16:11:01 - What Is Money20/20? - Part One

From Issue 16:10:02 - Myths in winemaking terroir, ACH payments

From Issue 16:10:01 - Critical issues in payments today - Part 2

From Issue 16:09:02 - Critical issues in payments today - Part 1

From Issue 16:08:02 - Bankers' issues are our issues

From Issue 16:07:02 - Fraud in the payment system: What - me worry?

From Issue 16:06:02 - The misguided 'kill the check' chorus

From Issue 16:06:01 - Disruption a hot topic at Transact 16

From Issue 16:05:01 - Can ISOs and MLSs sell banking services?

From Issue 16:04:01 - Heads up, cheaters: Truth will out

From Issue 16:03:01 - Mobile payments, mobile wallets: Predicting consumer behavior

From Issue 15:10:02 - Through The Fires, the autobiography of Robert Owen Carr

From Issue 15:05:01 - Preparing the future of banking, payments

From Issue 14:10:01 - How Apple Pay will affect ISOs and the card brands

From Issue 14:09:01 - Managing for the long term

From Issue 14:08:01 - The makings of wine, checks, ACH

From Issue 14:04:02 - Springtime in Wine Country and merchant services

From Issue 14:03:01 - Things are not always what they seem

From Issue 14:01:01 - Concentrations in business

From Issue 13:12:02 - Focus on your customers, not the Next Big Thing

From Issue 13:11:02 - Do popular payment mantras ring true?

From Issue 13:09:01 - Brand value and full disclosure

From Issue 13:07:01 - The ISO's terroir in the new payments landscape

From Issue 13:05:02 - Taking the checkbook away, or not

From Issue 13:04:02 - Bud break in payments

From Issue 13:03:01 - Payment alternatives, like microbrews, are good

From Issue 13:02:01 - Surveying the financial landscape in 2013

From Issue 13:01:01 - Replacing rootstock: The payments agenda for 2013

From Issue 12:12:01 - What Amazon's wine distribution model portends for payments

From Issue 12:11:01 - Whatever happened to the British motorcycle industry?

From Issue 12:10:01 - Revolution underway in merchant underwriting

From Issue 12:08:01 - The card company settlement: What's next?

From Issue 12:05:02 - Payments ripening on the vine

From Issue 12:04:02 - ISOs and MLSs: How banking changes will affect you

From Issue 12:03:02 - New developments in payments (and winemaking)

From Issue 12:02:01 - Big changes ahead

From Issue 11:11:01 - ISOs and the new frontier of payments

From Issue 11:10:01 - Kick complacency out the door

From Issue 11:09:02 - A fresh perspective on POS innovation

From Issue 11:07:02 - Mobile payments follow many new paths

From Issue 11:06:01 - A slice of ETA 2011

From Issue 11:04:02 - What a bank core processor means to you

From Issue 11:03:01 - Thoughts on the economy (in hindsight)

From Issue 11:02:01 - What does a processor do?

From Issue 11:01:01 - Payment prognostications for 2011

From Issue 10:12:01 - Financing business startups: What ISOs should know

From Issue 10:11:01 - It's the economy, again

From Issue 10:10:01 - Proximity payments, a BIG issue

From Issue 10:09:01 - Patent, patent, who's got a patent?

From Issue 10:08:01 - Three kinds of consolidation to watch

From Issue 10:06:02 - Margin compression: What's goin' on?

From Issue 10:05:02 - Payments 2010: The revolution has arrived

From Issue 10:04:02 - The 'Wal-Mart case' revisited

From Issue 10:03:02 - Payments industry issues:
First quarter 2010

From Issue 10:01:02 - A new decade begins

From Issue 09:12:02 - Should you buy stock in a terminal manufacturer?

From Issue 09:11:01 - Special report on the ETA's 2009 Strategic Leadership Forum

From Issue 09:10:01 - The MLS and the ISO:
Cause for concern?

From Issue 09:08:02 - Accounts receivable processing and the ISO revenue model



Steven Feldshuh, Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions East




Steven Feldshuh, President of Merchants' Choice Payment Solutions East, has 18 years experience in sales and ISO development. Based in the heart of New York City, he devotes the bulk of his time to assisting agents in building their offices and merchant portfolios. He strongly believes in agent training, which includes role playing to overcome objections. Prior to taking a key role in developing MCPSE in 2012, he was President of Paymint Partners.

Articles written by Steven Feldshuh

From Issue 18:05:01 - Springtime– a time to get energized

From Issue 18:04:02 - Cash discount programs revisited

From Issue 18:04:01 - New merchant fees - who plays dirty, who plays fair?

From Issue 18:03:02 - Merger mania, oh how it can hurt

From Issue 18:03:01 - Merchant services in an app-driven world

From Issue 18:02:02 - Better POS system options for MLSs

From Issue 18:02:01 - Easy ways to care for your 'besties'

From Issue 18:01:02 - What makes an MLS valuable?

From Issue 18:01:01 - What surveys reveal

From Issue 17:12:02 - What if you had $1 million to invest in a payments business?

From Issue 17:12:01 - Cash discounts: Are they right for your merchants?

From Issue 17:11:02 - What gets you pumped?

From Issue 17:11:01 - Making for a better holiday season

From Issue 17:10:02 - The sale of a portfolio

From Issue 17:10:01 - The pain in practicing

From Issue 17:09:02 - MIA in EMV compliance: Card brands

From Issue 17:09:01 - Why not talk to Steve?

From Issue 17:08:02 - A solid niche for cash advance products

From Issue 17:08:01 - Help restaurants sizzle this summer

From Issue 17:07:01 - Making ETA Transact worth it for MLSs

From Issue 17:06:01 - Cash advance revisited

From Issue 17:04:01 - Lead with logic and honor

From Issue 17:03:01 - Focus to leave uptightness behind

From Issue 17:01:02 - In defense of processor increases

From Issue 16:12:02 - Insights from puppy training applied to payments

From Issue 16:11:02 - Expand your time

From Issue 16:09:01 - Is it time to hunt for greener pastures?

From Issue 16:08:02 - Wake up and certify more EMV terminals

From Issue 16:07:02 - Deaf to new product introductions?

From Issue 16:06:02 - Paper reports, online portals can coexist

From Issue 16:06:01 - Door-to-door sales, the good old-fashioned way

From Issue 16:04:02 - A great leader may not be your friend

From Issue 07:10:01 - Interchange for dummies


Mike Fox

Mike Fox, Group ISO Merchant Services

CPP, Vice President of Sales


Mike Fox, CPP, and Vice President of Sales for Group ISO Merchant Services in Irvine, Calif., has drawn on his payments industry expertise to serve businesses large and small for almost eight years. Having learned the payments industry from the ground up after significant experience in the restaurant, customer service and project management spheres, he creates solutions for all types of merchant, ISO and agent businesses.

Among Mike's specialties are the intricacies of interchange, credit card and automated clearing house processing, level II and III processing, relationship building, agent recruitment and retention, organic growth, sales and sales management, contract review and negotiation, mobile processing, emerging technologies, and hard to place merchant accounts. Mike provides a tested, solutions-oriented approach enhanced by wisdom gained through hands-on experience. He offers a no-nonsense, open and honest processing relationship, as well as the stability, expertise and benefits only a company whose leaders boast more than 70 years' combined industry experience can provide.


Noel Fundora

Noel Fundora, Volt Merchant Solutions Inc.




Noel Fundora is President of Volt Merchant Solutions Inc.


Marc Gardner

Marc Gardner, North American Bancard

Founder, President and CEO


Marc Gardner is at the helm of North American Bancard, one of the industry's top 50 acquirers. The company is a multifaceted payment solutions provider dedicated to delivering the latest technology and the highest levels of service. NAB now processes over $3 billion in transactions annually. Gardner employs over 150 people at his corporate office and works with 700 active independent agents throughout the country.


Darrin Ginsberg, Super G Funding LLC

Chief Executive Officer



Darrin Ginsberg began his career in the bankcard industry in 1989 when the ISO industry was in its infancy. He started out as a one man operation, working from his garage to become one of the country's largest ISOs doing in excess of 4,000 new accounts per month. Darrin has built and sold several very successful ISOs over his 20-year career in the bankcard industry.

In addition to building ISOs thru organic sales growth, Darrin has purchased more than 50 portfolios and several companies. He has spent the last two years building Super G Funding and making loans to ISOs to help them grow their businesses. He is also a serial entrepreneur who owns several other payment processing-related companies, including a bill payment platform, and is an angel investor in several nonpayment-related companies (www.supergonline.com/ventures.asp).

Darrin lives in Corona del Mar, Calif., with his wife, Sharon, and two daughters, Shaye and Matea.


Matt Golis, Yapstone



Ben Goretsky, USAePay

Chief Executive Officer


Ben Goretsky is the Chief Executive Officer and head of IT Development at USA ePay. He has been working with his brother Alex since they started the company in 1998. E-mail him at ben@usaepay.com or call him at 866-872-3729, ext. 350.

Articles written by Ben Goretsky

From Issue 09:06:02 - Mobile payments gaining traction - finally

From Issue 08:04:02 - Smack those hackers down

From Issue 07:04:02 - Apple is a small potato here


Maurice Griefer, Maverick Payments

Chief Revenue Officer



Maurice Griefer is the Chief Revenue Officer at Maverick Payments., an ISO based in Los Angeles. His father started in the bankcard industry in 2000 and has since founded two successful ISOs, which include several bank sponsorships and acquisitions. Since joining his father and brother in the Maverick team, he has been able to learn and experience the ins and outs of building a nationwide ISO program. Today, he works with sales, marketing and operations to ensure revenue growth and client satisfaction. His primary responsibilities include statement analysis/RFPs, growing the company's sales channels, and general portfolio management and analysis. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Economics, and he's an avid surfer.



Curt Hensley, Impact Payments Recruiting


Articles written by Curt Hensley


Charles Hogan

Charles Hogan, Tranzlogic



Charles Hogan, Tranzlogic co-founder and CEO,has 15 years of experience in the financial services and payment processing industries. He was the founder and CEO of Radius Financial Inc., and before Radius, he served as Executive Vice President of CKC Holdings, where he led acquisitions and business development. Charles also managed CKC's financial and organizational restructuring and negotiated contracts with key banks, vendors and partners. Prior to CKC, he served for four years as President and CEO of Direct Merchant Service Inc., one of Humboldt Bank's largest independent sales organizations. He serves on the Electronic Transaction Association Strategic Leadership Forum Planning Committee, is a member of the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and serves on the Board of Trustees at Children's Bureau. Charles holds an MBA from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business.


Rod Hometh, RPY Innovations


Rod is a co-founder and partner of RPY Innovations, a leading consulting firm serving the payments industry in the US and internationally. He has managed sales, service and operational organizations for companies such as TeleCheck, British Telecom, CyberCash, Apriva and Hypercom in both the United States and internationally. For five years he led Ingenico’s Strategic Development group in the United States, creating successful initiatives to enter the healthcare payments and self-service segments. Rod regularly speaks at payments events and has been interviewed as an industry thought leader on Bloomberg’s Market Makers television program.



Jared Isaacman, United Bank Card Inc.



Jared Isaacman is the founder and CEO of United Bank Card Inc. Under Isaacman's leadership, UBC has realized many impressive achievements, including being ranked the 32nd largest processor, by volume, by the Nilson Report and becoming the 19th fastest growing private company in the United States in 2005. Dedicated to innovation, Isaacman strives to keep his company at the forefront of technology.

Articles written by Jared Isaacman



Lazaros Kalemis, Alpha Card Services Inc.



Dee Karawadra, Impact PaySystem


Articles written by Dee Karawadra

From Issue 19:02:01 - The POS system buzz

From Issue 18:06:01 - Archives: Veritably valuable added services

From Issue 18:05:01 - What same-day funding options should you offer?

From Issue 08:03:02 - Safari njema - safe journey

From Issue 08:03:01 - Biting the ISO that feeds it

From Issue 08:02:02 - Back to basics

From Issue 08:02:01 - Are you prepared for the big R?

From Issue 08:01:02 - It's 'bons temps' with SEAA in New Orleans

From Issue 08:01:01 - Winter profit-land

From Issue 07:12:02 - New year, new plan

From Issue 07:12:01 - Sale away, team

From Issue 07:11:02 - We're all in the PCI loop, like it or not

From Issue 07:11:01 - Surge with emerging markets

From Issue 07:10:02 - Next stop: Tradeshows

From Issue 07:10:01 - Doing the price thing

From Issue 07:09:02 - Would you rather have a boss or be your boss?

From Issue 07:09:01 - Pay, don't touch: Will contactless fly?

From Issue 07:08:02 - Buyer beware: That means you, dear MLSs

From Issue 07:08:01 - Demand defrays doubts about costly cash advance

From Issue 07:07:02 - Lust for the lodging market

From Issue 07:07:01 - Ruminations on ISO registration

From Issue 07:06:02 - Veritably valuable added services

From Issue 07:06:01 - Good lead hunting

From Issue 07:05:02 - To certify or not to certify: That is the MLS question

From Issue 07:05:01 - The POS system buzz

From Issue 07:04:02 - Proficient prospecting

From Issue 07:04:01 - Something ventured, something gained


Allen Kopelman, Nationwide Payment Systems Inc.


Allen has been working in the merchant services industry since 1998 and started NPS in 2001. Our Newest venture - www.npsapps.com is a platform to make native apps for itunes and google play for businesses and lifestyle apps.

For more info contact Allen Kopelman - Allen@npsbank.com or Allen@npsapps.com



Dan Lewis, AmeriBanc National Ltd.



Anthony Lucatuorto, Sphere

Chief Sales Officer, SMB





Justin Milmeister, Elite Merchant Solutions



Justin Milmeister is the President and founder of Elite Merchant Solutions, which has been honored three years in a row by Inc. magazine as one of the top 500 fastest-growing privately held companies in the nation. He is also a member of The Green Sheet Advisory Board. Justin can be reached at justinm@elitedatacorp.com, and more information on Elite Merchant Solutions can be found at www.elitedatacorp.com.

Articles written by Justin Milmeister

From Issue 12:04:01 - Choosing a partner for life

From Issue 10:03:02 - Dial or smile


Charlene Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, EPNA

Chief Analytics Officer


At EPNA, Charlene works with prospective and current partners, merchants and agents. Charlene is responsible for coordinating and maintaining EPNA’s regional WBE and national WBENC certifications. The certification processes are rigorous, and EPNA is pleased to be recognized as a thoroughly vetted credit card processing company. EPNA completes monthly RFP’s for government, higher education, financial institutions, nonprofits as well as private and public companies.


Timothy Munto

Timothy Munto, TSYS Acquiring Solutions

Group Executive, Sales and Client Relationships



As a sales expert for the payments and banking industries, Timothy Munto brings more than two decades of experience to TSYS Acquiring Solutions. A proven leader and market specialist, he offers a distinguished background in sales and client relationship management with a track record for success in a wide variety of market verticals, including retail, petroleum, quick service restaurants, travel and entertainment. His expertise in joint venture support and integration is a tremendous asset to TSYS Acquiring Solutions.

Munto most recently served as Senior Vice President and Sales Executive for Bank of America Merchant Services where he was responsible for delivering millions of dollars in sales. Prior to his time at Bank of America, Munto spent five years as Senior Vice President of Merchant Services for National Processing Co.; he also served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of National Sales at NPC. Known for his keen relationship management skills, clients can see and feel the high value Munto places on every personal interaction.

Munto holds a Master's of Business Administration from the University of Dayton and a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Wright State University.


Patti Murphy, Proscribes Inc.


Articles written by Patti Murphy

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From Issue 11:03:01 - Congress, Fed pressured to reconsider interchange caps

From Issue 11:02:02 - Bold steps needed on fraud front

From Issue 11:02:01 - Securing a place for EMV in the USA

From Issue 11:01:02 - Dodd-Frank repeal unlikely, interchange changes possible

From Issue 10:12:02 - Checks give way to debit cards

From Issue 10:12:01 - Visa pushing prepaid cards for undeserved

From Issue 10:11:02 - A look at this season's payment data

From Issue 10:10:02 - Interchange: Matching loyalties and realities

From Issue 10:09:02 - Cash still standing its ground

From Issue 10:09:01 - The United States of microfinance

From Issue 10:08:02 - ISOs, MLSs and financial services re-regulation

From Issue 10:07:02 - Securing a place for electronic payments

From Issue 10:07:01 - Doing business in the mobile channel

From Issue 10:06:02 - Could the future of micropayments be Square?

From Issue 10:05:02 - Deregulation, regulation and you

From Issue 10:05:01 - Creating a place for checks at the electronic payments table

From Issue 10:04:02 - ACH grows, B2B payments plod along

From Issue 10:03:02 - Are banks losing grip on payments?

From Issue 10:02:02 - Debit rules and other musings

From Issue 10:02:01 - Do banking silos hinder fraud prevention?

From Issue 10:01:02 - Prepaid opportunity: Huge and growing

From Issue 09:12:02 - Reaching the unbanked

From Issue 09:12:01 - Uncle Sam's finger in the payment pie: A legislative update

From Issue 09:11:02 - Regulatory reforms loom

From Issue 09:11:01 - Wal-Mart and the unbanked

From Issue 09:10:02 - War of words over interchange heats up

From Issue 09:09:02 - Summer musings on interchange

From Issue 09:08:02 - Financially strapped boost payment alternatives

From Issue 09:07:02 - The cards, they are a changin'

From Issue 09:06:02 - Interchange debate rages on

From Issue 09:05:02 - Use checks to open new verticals

From Issue 09:04:02 - Social networking's impact on payments

From Issue 09:04:01 - Legislative outlook:
Some clouds but no rain

From Issue 09:03:02 - Regulation, deregulation, self-regulation

From Issue 09:02:02 - Coming in from the cold at NEAA

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From Issue 07:12:02 - Rock, paper, electronics

From Issue 07:12:01 - Transformation: Checks in the 21st century

From Issue 07:11:02 - Art imitates life or does life imitate art?

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From Issue 07:09:02 - Fewer checks, faster process

From Issue 07:08:02 - Knock fraudsters down with knowledge

From Issue 07:07:02 - Merchant cash advance companies on the offensive

From Issue 07:06:02 - PayPal: 21st century cash

From Issue 07:05:02 - Payments: A very large space

From Issue 07:04:02 - TJX turbulence: Time to board the PCI ship



Michael Nardy, Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI)



Steve Norell, US Merchant Services


Articles written by Steve Norell

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From Issue 18:08:01 - What is your exit strategy?

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From Issue 12:06:01 - A sense of urgency

From Issue 12:05:01 - Are you leaving your mark on merchants?

From Issue 12:04:01 - No more contract-signing hurdle

From Issue 12:02:01 - The CPP exam - before, during and after

From Issue 11:10:01 - Reinvigorating the merchant club

From Issue 11:09:01 - Believe in what you offer, watch your sales soar


Steven Peisner

Steven Peisner, Acquiring Solutions International

Vice President



Steven Peisner, Vice President of Acquiring Solutions International is a veteran of the bankcard industry and a true bankcard professional with more than 28 years industry experience in sales, marketing, and operational management for some of the most successful Independent Sales Organizations in the industry, including Peachtree Bancard Corporation, Cardservice International, and E-Commerce Exchange.

Peisner is well versed on the rules and regulations set forth by the card companies for merchants and ISO's and has been hired as an expert consultant and expert witness due to his knowledge of the ISO industry. As an agent Peisner specializes in merchant processing solutions for all types of Card-not-Present and Business-to-Business industries including 501c3 Nonprofit Organizations, Internet Retailers, Continuity Merchants, Internet Gun Dealers, Large Ticket, and Adult merchants.

Peisner has served industry related organizations including the ETA's Fraud & Risk and Government Relations Committees, the Greeen Sheet Advisory Board, and is a member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators.

Articles written by Steven Peisner


Daria Rippingale

Daria Rippingale, BillPro



As Chief Executive Officer since 2012 of one of Australia’s leading merchant processing specialists, Daria oversees a multimillion-dollar enterprise with operations now extending across five continents. Drawing on her extensive experience in online business and website monetization, Daria has built a network of international banks and acquiring partners. In her previous role as BillPro’s Sales and Marketing Director, Daria’s network development program grew the company’s overall merchant base by over 400 percent in three years.



Peter Scharnell, Paya

Director, Product Management


Peter Scharnell is Director of Product Management for Paya, a leading provider of payments technology products and services. Peter has over a decade of experience in the payments space with technology companies like Cayan, Verifone and NCR. He is a Technology Committee member on the Electronic Transactions Association and an active participant on several payments technology advisory boards.


Jeffrey I Shavitz

Jeffrey I Shavitz, LexCharge LLC

CEO and co-founder



Jeff Shavitz is the CEO and co-founder of LexCharge. He has worked in the payments industry since 2002 when he co-founded Charge Card Systems Inc., a national credit card processing company. In 2012, he sold CCS to Card Connect, owned by FTV Capital, a private equity firm rolling up merchant processing companies in the space.

In addition, Jeff started Alternative Merchant Processing Inc., a company devoted to working with high-risk merchants, and Charge Card Funding, which focused on providing working capital and cash advances to merchants nationally.

Jeff has published three books: Size Doesn't Matter ‒ Why Small Business is Big Business; Small Business Aha Messages; and The Power of Residual Income – You Can Bank on It! He can be contacted at 800-878-4100 or jeff@trafficjamming.com; his websites are www.jeffshavitz.com and www.trafficjamming.com.

Articles written by Jeffrey I Shavitz

From Issue 16:03:02 - Notes on the path less traveled

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From Issue 15:08:02 - The power of residual income - Part 1

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From Issue 15:04:02 - Tradeshows and conferences: A good use of your time and money?

From Issue 15:04:01 - Let's share stories, grow our businesses together

From Issue 15:01:02 - Risk worth the reward High-risk: A macro perspective

From Issue 14:12:01 - Why not sell high-risk merchant processing?

From Issue 13:10:02 - Are your merchant accounts valued and valuable?

From Issue 13:06:02 - Tricks of reading credit card statements

From Issue 11:12:01 - Money isn't what it used to be

From Issue 11:06:01 - Acquiring merchants - at what cost?

From Issue 11:05:01 - Facts and figures from the feet on the street

From Issue 11:04:01 - A brief on prospecting

From Issue 11:03:01 - It pays to keep your customers happy

From Issue 11:02:01 - A phone card opportunity calls

From Issue 10:12:02 - Keys to driving merchant retention

From Issue 10:11:01 - Where is our industry heading?

From Issue 10:10:01 - Are you really a salesperson?

From Issue 10:09:01 - Respect yourself, elevate our profession: Quit selling on price

From Issue 10:08:01 - Putting the cold call in its proper place

From Issue 10:07:01 - Strong relationship skills obliterate obstacles

From Issue 10:06:01 - Canada: An untapped marketplace

From Issue 10:05:01 - The professional MLS protocol

From Issue 10:04:01 - Grow your business by branching out

From Issue 10:03:01 - Seven rules for MLS sales success

From Issue 10:02:01 - Selling and giving to specialized markets

From Issue 09:11:02 - How to grow your merchant portfolio

From Issue 09:10:02 - Tips for new sales executives

From Issue 09:07:01 - Hard-to-place merchants:
An untapped opportunity


Rick Slifka, Exec-Links

President & CEO


Rick Slifka began his career in the recruiting search industry in 1981 when he joined one of the country's leading national recruiting organizations. Since then, he has recruited hundreds of talented individuals for a variety of positions for Fortune 1000 companies, regional businesses and entrepreneurial firms.

Rich has strong relationships with many of the bankcard industry's prominent leaders. He launched Exec-Links in 2002 and continues to specialize in the payments industry. A high-energy, focused and passionate consultant, Rick has a reputation for quickly determining the ideal cultural fit; no matter the degree of difficulty, he continues to consistently identify best-in-class talent.

Rick's commitment to quality, cost-effective service, cooperation and confidentiality has ensured Exec-Linc's ongoing success. A boutique firm with select clients, Exec-Links has established a network of other boutique firms around the United States. They all target the payment processing space.

Rick also served for six years as Director - Sales and Membership Marketing with the PGA Tour.


Steve Sotis, eProcessing Network LLC.

President and Founder



Steve Sotis, President and Founder of eProcessing Network LLC., brings over 20 years of leadership and experience to the payment processing industry. Steve began his career as a Software Developer at System Development Inc. and, through ingenuity and hard work, advanced to the position of Senior Software Developer in tandem with earning his master's degree and starting a family. In 1996, Steve had the foresight and saw a need within the transaction processing industry to offer small to mid-sized merchants a secure e-commerce solution that was not only easy to manage but also cost effective. From this concept, eProcessing Network (ePN) - a software development company specializing in secure, real-time transaction processing services, solutions and support - was founded.

Today, the eProcessing Network Payment Gateway processes transactions using each merchant's own merchant account. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ePN is certified to process a comprehensive suite of electronic payment transactions through all major credit card, check/ACH, and gift card/loyalty processors, and sells its services and products exclusively through the ISO sales channel. eProcessing Network is a registered Visa USA Third-Party Service Provider and is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.



Cliff Teston, CKC Holdings Inc. dba Signature Card Services

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and President


Signature Card Services was established in 1997 by Cliff and two of his partners- Christine Bednar and Kirk Allen. Under Cliff's leadership, Signature Card Services has become an industry-leading provider of payment processing services, delivering affordable, reliable and secure payment solutions to merchants worldwide.

Prior to forming CKC, Cliff worked at Electronic Card Systems Inc. as Vice President of Sales. At ECS his responsibilities included business development and client retention as well as acting as a bank liaison for both National Bank of the Redwoods (now Westamerica Bank) and Humboldt Bank. During Cliff's tenure with ECS, ECS' parent company RJ Gordon & Co. was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States, primarily because of the growth of ECS.

From 1991 to 1994, Cliff worked for the corporate offices of Integrated Holdings International in Los Angeles as a Director of Marketing. He also attended Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colo.

Articles written by Cliff Teston

From Issue 13:10:01 - Will EMV save us from fraud?


Jeff Thorness

Jeff Thorness, Forte Payment Systems



Jeff Thorness is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forte Payment Systems. He engineered Forte from the ground up as a technology company focused on providing payment solutions to both merchants and developers. Tackling the industry head-on, he bootstrapped the business, carefully crafting a single source payment solution and its comprehensive suite of relevant products and services. Forte now provides payment processing services to over 27,000 merchants and processed over $16 billion in web, retail and mobile payments last year alone.


Sam Zietz

Sam Zietz, American Bancard




Sam Zietz is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TouchSuite and all of its affiliates since inception. His company has appeared on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing companies four years in a row and has twice been named the fastest growing company in South Florida by the South Florida Business Journal. He is also an active angel investor with a number of investments under management.

Prior to entering the merchant processing industry, Zietz was a corporate attorney specializing in Structured Finance with the New York based law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom LLP. Prior to Skadden, he worked in the Business Tax Planning Department at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Zietz earned a LLM in Taxation from New York University School of Law, and went on to receive his JD from St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, Fla., where he graduated first in his class. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan. Zietz is on the Executive Board of the Palm Beach chapter of the Young Presidents Organization and is on the Executive Board of the South Florida chapter of the Entrepreneur's Organization.


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