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Secure, omnichannel POS ecosystem

Wirecard brings a heritage of innovation to the U.S. market. The company's smart data and predictive analytics enable merchants to anticipate trends and react quickly to opportunities; its diversified technology suite includes real-time reporting and cross-border, omnichannel solutions, company representatives stated. These solutions are designed to simplify and enhance all aspects of issuing, acquiring and value-added services implementation.

Wirecard North America is part of Wirecard AG, which supports companies in accepting electronic payments from multiple sales channels worldwide. "At Wirecard, we're able to go beyond payments as we know it," said Deirdre Ives, Managing Partner at Wirecard North America. "We've got massive global reach, as well as equal capabilities in issuing, acquiring, and digital value-added solutions. We're envisioning a future where payments really are seamless, borderless and woven into our lives."

Ives said Wirecard has made smart acquisitions in major regions around the world, leaving management in place and relying on their expertise in each market. She previously led a series of commercial card and electronic payment initiatives for Citi Prepaid Services, which Wirecard acquired in 2017. She and her team are now helping North American partners leverage Wirecard's global network and expertise to compete in the increasingly global payments market.

Customizable technology suite

Wirecard combines issuing and payments expertise with worldwide mobile solutions, ecommerce and acquiring. The company described its scalable, innovation-driven solutions as follows:

  • Mobile payments: Wirecard's brandable, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS)-compliant mobile payment suite supports multiple currencies and languages. Its mPOS SDK simplifies integration with mobile-POS peripherals and POS systems. Its U.S. mobile wallet facilitates secure online and in-store shopping at millions of retailers.┬áThe mPOS suite supports all communications protocols, including bar code, near field communication, Bluetooth Low Energy and EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) payment methods.
  • Ecommerce solutions: Wirecard's customizable ecommerce solutions support all major markets and payment methods. Designed to be reliable, cost-effective and transparent, they enable shoppers to transact using their favorite payment methods. A brandable Wirecard checkout page authenticates consumers in real time and issues instant post-checkout confirmations. The PCI DSS-compliant checkout page seamlessly integrates with websites and shopping carts.
  • Checkout portal: In Europe, Wirecard provides a full-service plug-in for small and midsize merchants that it plans to launch in North America. Compliant with European Union guidelines, the configurable online portal supports a range of payment methods. Simple to set up, with no setup charges or monthly fees, the portal enables merchants to pay only for what they use. An online marketplace configurator streamlines new account setups for European marketplace sellers.
  • Enhanced security: Wirecard's PCI DSS-compliant tokenization solution protects credit card payments against unauthorized use. It securely stores payment card credentials and replaces them with tokens when transacting in-store and online. This removes sensitive payment card data from scope, mitigates risk, and protects merchants and consumers.
  • Real-time verification: Wirecard's real-time verification helps merchants assess prospective customers' ability to pay. Customized to each client's specific fraud criteria, these solutions consolidate data from consumers and credit agencies within a decision matrix. They use artificial intelligence and machine learning to screen for fraud and credit issues.
  • Fraud prevention suite: Wirecard's fraud prevention tools include advanced analytics, simulation, rule processing and case management. These modular security solutions help merchants detect anomalies and can be easily integrated into enterprise IT frameworks.
  • End-to-end payment processing

    Wirecard noted that as a payment card issuer and acquirer, it provides end-to-end solutions that support all major credit and debit cards and currencies through a secure web-based portal. The continually updated platform provides an array of payment schemes and front-end and back-end solutions. "We're able to provide businesses of any size with end-to-end, fully digitalized solutions that give companies, their employees, clients and customers a seamless and often completely contactless payments experience," Ives said. "We provide a single, secure ecosystem for online, mobile, and ePOS that's easy to personalize." end of article

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Wirecard North America

Wirecard North America

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