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May 24, 2010 • Issue 10:05:02


Clean up your stuff to clean up financially

Does a deluge of papers, fast food bags, receipts and sports paraphernalia flow from your car whenever you open the door? Does your desk look like it just survived an earthquake? If so, it's time to clean up and get organized.

You might think you don't have time to straighten things up and that you always find what you need in your nest of papers, so clutter isn't such a big deal. However, devoting even just a few minutes a day to straightening up your car and office can boost your success.

Cause and effect

How can this be? Messy environments are depressing. If you drive to a chaotic office in a cruddy car, your creativity will be hampered, and you will tend to feel like you'll never adequately balance your personal life and your career.

Also, imagine what people will think if they visit your office and see a disorganized work space. And what if a prospect walks you to your car after a sales call and notices mud from a road trip splattered on the side? This can cause someone to lose confidence in your work ethic pronto.

On the flipside, a sparkling car and clean work space will engender feelings of peace and satisfaction, making it easier for you to focus on your goals. And you'll be able to find exactly what you need right when you need it. This will help you better meet your customers' needs, which will lead to greater merchant retention and more referrals.

Car cleaning

For car cleaning, keep a small trash bag inside your car, and use it instead of throwing things in the floor. Stop by the car wash once a week and run a vacuum over your seats and carpet, or buy a hand-vacuum so you can do this task anytime. Keep a dust rag on hand to wipe the dash and other hard surfaces every few days.

And don't forget the glass cleaner to keep your windows clear for better sight while driving. If you need to transport paperwork, buy a briefcase to avoid scattering papers on the car seat.

Office organization

In the office, every file and all supplies should have a place of their own. If your desk is cluttered, consider buying a new desk, one with storage areas, drawers and shelves, so you can keep what you need organized and close at hand. Buy a shredder to dispose of unnecessary paper. And keep a daily planner and calendar nearby so you can write your appointments there instead of on 20 different Post-it notes.

If you keep paper files for clients, buy a file cabinet large enough to accommodate your growing business. Organize files according to last name or project so you can find them quickly when needed.

And clear out all clutter from your work area each Friday before leaving work. This will enable you to start each Monday afresh. Cleanliness and organization in all areas of your life will ultimately help you attain your goals. end of article

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