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Danni Thorpe

Danni Thorpe, VP of Media Partnerships

20+ years of Excellence in Sales, Networking, Building Media Partnerships within the ever changing and growing Financial Services Industry.

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Advertising in The Green Sheet

The Green Sheet has been empowering and connecting companies and individuals in the payments sphere for more than 30 years. Our trade publications and suite of print and digital resources have continuously evolved in response to the ever-changing payments industry. Throughout this journey, we have provided our readers with the requisite knowledge, talent and resources to grow, diversify and build profitable business relationships.

As a lean organization and digital-first company, we understand our partners and celebrate their success. We bring a fresh mindset to each discovery process, where the real magic happens. Together with our partners, we co-create targeted, impactful marketing campaigns.

Whether you need an ad, email campaign, thought leader video or fresh engaging content, our marketing team is at your service. Let’s collaborate on customized marketing programs that are all about you and the difference you make for your customers and channel partners.

Whether you are new to Green Sheet or a long-time partner, let’s begin anew, by assessing your business objectives and exploring ways to create impactful, one-of-a-kind messaging that reflects your true identity and brand.

Empowering and connecting payments professionals

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