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Podcast - Should I Still Sell Cash Discounting? & An Update on Crypto-Currency

Published - March 25th, 2019

Making sense of crypto-currencies, phishing & cash discounting

This week's podcast features Steve Eazell, SVP for Partner Sales at PayVida, who discusses the ins and outs of crypto-currencies. Plus, James answers a question on the minds of many agents these days: should I still sell cash discounting? And Patti offers tips for fending off phishing attacks.

Podcast - Building a Profitable Book by Helping Small Businesses Stay in Business

Published - March 18th, 2019

This week, industry veteran and Paysafe President OB Rawls explains, how selling solutions that enable merchants to grow; helps ISOs and MLSs grow their businesses. Patti discusses balancing merchant demands for less friction and greater security in payments. And, James offers insights on what to do when you can't say, "yes" to a merchant.

Podcast - Maximizing Value for Portfolio Buyouts

Published - March 4th, 2019

No portfolio is too small or too big to sell!

Learn from Denise Shomo, President of Cutter Financial, about what her firm looks for when purchasing agent portfolios. "No portfolio is too small or too large," she says. Plus, Patti provides updates on cash usage and cash discounting, and James delivers strategies for closing sales.

Podcast - Referral Networks & Online Marketing: The Future of Merchant Sales

Published - February 25th, 2019

Learn how Matt Donovan and Adam Kiefer, founding partners of Talage, an insurance company specializing in small businesses, use referral networks and online marketing to drive sales, and how these strategies can be applied successfully to merchant sales. Plus, James offers tips for making the best use of office time, and Patti explores recent changes to the card brand's charge back rules.

Podcast - Every Charge Back Tells a Story

Published - February 18th, 2019

Learn how ChargeBack Gurus works with ISOs and their partners to manage merchant charge backs and fight charge back fraud. Their motto: Every charge back tells story. Patti reports on gains in credit, debit and prepaid card usage. And, James offers his take on the transition from working an MLS job to a running successful business.

Podcast - Why every MLS should use Apple Pay

Published - February 11th, 2019

In this week's episode, David Palmer & Robert Heinrich describe how Simpay helps agents grow their portfolios by speaking to merchant pain points with payroll and POS solutions. Plus Patti discusses the relevance of contactless payments, and James explains how agents can use Apple Pay to prospect.

Podcast - 5 Keys to Building a Merchant Sales Team

Published - February 4th, 2019

Embrace these 5 keys to building as successful merchant sales team, and learn how tokenization protects eCommerce merchants and their customers.

This week James offers 5 keys to building a successful merchant services sales team. Plus Patti discusses the movement toward card data tokenization, and how ISOs, agents and their partners can get merchants and consumers on board with this proven method to protecting against card fraud.


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